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Inclusive Vacations - Any Destination Under $300

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There’s so many killer deals that you probably have never heard of. The deals are so good that they almost seem unreal, but believe it or not, they actually ARE legit!

First, there’s a company called Claim Your Vacation (CYV). CYV works with hotels to basically “get rid” of the rooms they can’t book. See, when a hotel can’t book a room, the hotel loses money…LOTS of money. The hotel would rather “give away” the room for free than to leave it vacant. Since a hotel can’t offer “free rooms” they hire companies like CYV that discreetly give away the rooms for them.
What this means is that you can get a quality room for literally pennies. The total cost for the room is about $1.80. The money is a “booking fee” that CYV makes as a kickback for the work they do. Of course, if you want to buy souvenirs, use the mini bar, order a pay per view movie, etc, you have to pay for this – BUT since your hotel is dirt cheap, you’ll have the money to do that stuff! In addition to the $1.80 fee you are responsible for any taxes that are accrued. So lets just say for the sake of argument, taxes are $20 – no big deal. Plus, lets add in the $1.80 for CYV. This adds up to about $22 for a hotel room! AWESOME DEAL! Each additional night is a few dollars more. So you’ll probably pay about $37 for two nights!!
*One more thing, in order to get the hotel room for $1.80 you have to sign up for a free trial of some savings program. The trial REALLY IS FREE. But make sure you cancel it before the free month ends or else you will be billed. Unless you like the savings program, then feel free to become an official member. Canceling the program is easy. You can cancel right online or call the provided phone number. There NO hassle.

So go to CYV and pick a destination!

Second, when planning any vacation you need to account for the money you will spend on food. But you don’t have to spend big to eat nice. You can get completely free meals in the city where you are staying by signing up to be a mystery shopper (which is also free). Please refer to this article for all the details.

Also, go online and print coupons for the nearby restaurants.

Third, you are going to need transportation. If you decide that flying is a better money saver than driving, you can earn a free flight! Check this out –

There’s a company called Shop4Miles that you can use to get yourself a completely free flight to the destination of your choice. How it works is when you buy any product online you are given points (miles). You then cash in your points for airline tickets. If I remember correctly, shipping on 99% of the items is free, so you’re going to be paying the same, if not less than you would at the regular store. Plus, when you shop online you get bigger discounts. Online suppliers have fewer expenses than retail stores do so they are able to cut the costs of their products, sometimes by a massive amount. So instead of going to the mall to buy a new shirt, buy it through Shop4Miles and fly for free! You save double the money!

With a $20 hotel, free flight and some free meals you will be able to have over $150 left over to do whatever you want – go to an amusement park, visit a tourist attraction or get a massage! Not bad, eh?
And that, my friends is how you can take a vacation for $300.

*Wanna save EVEN MORE MONEY? (Gosh, you’re greedy!) Plan your trip during the week, it’s even cheaper!